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Answers to common questions about managing your account

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Who is BP's depositary, transfer agent, registrar and exchange agent?

JPMorgan Chase NA as the BP ADS depositary performs the roles of the transfer agent, registrar, recordkeeper and dividend paying agent. JPMorgan Chase also coordinates the proxy voting process and arranges for custody of the BP ordinary shares underlying the BP ADSs.

As depositary, JPMorgan Chase NA is responsible for providing “US BP Shareholder Services” to assist ADS holders with their account queries and account management.

Who I should contact to ask questions about managing my account?

St. Paul, MN 55164-0504

How can I find out how many ADSs I hold?

Refer to your account statement, your ADR certificate or contact US BP Shareholder Services at 1-877-638-5672. You may access your account information on-line through the JP Morgan Chase/US BP Shareholder Services website by clicking on the link below. You will need to activate your account through the US BP Shareholder Services ‘Account Access’ process.

Statements are sent to you each time there is activity on your book-entry account.

What if I have more than one account for the same person/people?

If you buy more BP ADSs, but the name and address supplied to the transfer agent differs, even slightly from the way

you are already listed on the account records, another account may be created. If this happens you should contact US BP Shareholder Services, to see if they can consolidate the accounts and/or what additional information they may need to do so.

How can I consolidate my certificates or ensure their safekeeping?

If you have more than one BP ADR you can consolidate the certificates by sending them to the address below and requesting that a single certificate be reissued to you.

US BP Shareholder Services

161 N. Concord Exchange

South St. Paul MN 55075

When mailing stock certificates through the mail, we advise that you send them via registered mail (with return-receipt requested) and insured for 3% of the value of said certificates.

Alternatively, you can ensure the safekeeping of your ADRs by depositing your certificates with US BP Shareholder Services and converting your account to book-entry. You have the option at any time to request that US BP Shareholder Services issue an ADR certificate representing all or a portion of your ADSs.

You should contact US BP Shareholder Services immediately to report the loss of your certificate and to request paperwork to begin the replacement process. US BP Shareholder Services will provide the affidavit of loss and calculate the amount of the replacement costs, if applicable.

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