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Master Bathroom Makeover- There Is NUTHIN Master About This Bath

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But don't forget to come back here after you read this post.

You will want to, trust me.

So I have this bathroom.

That adjoins our bedroom.

They call it a "master" bathroom.

But there is nothing master about it.

Only that it is the bathroom that is assigned to the master bedroom.

So really, master by association bathroom.

For years I have wanted to shake it up a bit.

This is the thing; we still had the same paint from the previous owners (we will call them Claude and Mona for the sake of the blog ) who lived here 7.5 years ago.

And we may or may not have still had the same storage cabinet in the bathroom over the toilet that may or may not have allegedly been in Claude and Mona's master bath.

I even blogged about our pathetic little bath back in 2010 here.

Here is a picture of my bath from 2010:

See Claude and Mona's white cabinet?

And my saline on the counter?

Apparently I don't know how to clear a counter before I take a picture.

This will make more sense to you in a few seconds.

So the bathroom was this blue color.

Which was nice

and serene but also made this very soul crushingly small room even more small.

We also had one of those builder grade mirrors that take up most of the wall as well.

We ended up finding this amazing mirror at Lowe's Labor Day weekend 2010 but before you look at the picture let me offer a disclaimer about the picture you are about to see:

There is Monistat on the counter.

Because in addition to having a really ugly bathroom in 2010, I also must have had a yeast infection.

And don't shake your head.

Because you get them too.

Move on.

And yes, I could have edited the photo but I decided to be real.

Because you are not gonna get this kind of honesty at the big blogs.

Nor will you get a plug for a feminine product.

Geez, its almost like I posed it there.

Like Monistat was payin' me back then.

They weren't.

Or I wouldn't have had to wait two more years for a better bathroom.

Back to the mirror.

It was only 12 dollars.

It was sheer luck because I have yet to find another mirror that even comes close to that price.

So the bathroom sat like this for another two years after adding the mirror.

Whoa whoa whoa. didn't want to go too fast ya know.

My original budget was $150 dollars.

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