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What is meant by placement

what is meant by placement
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1. What is the difference between the stock transfer between two plants belonging to same company code and those belonging to different company code?

2. What are the fields in Purchasing view?

3. What are the steps in automatic account assignment config.

4. How do you create movement types? What are the steps involved? When will you recommend a new movement type?

5. What is meant by access sequence? When it is used?

6. How does the PO pick up the pricing schema?

7. What are the steps involved in creating a pricing procedure?

8. What are the types of special stocks available?

9. What are the types of inforecords?

10. What is meant by consignment stock?

11. What are the steps involved in consignment cycle?

12. Tell me about the subcontracting cycle.

13. How is scrap accounted in subcontracting?

14. How are the byproducts taken care of in subcontracting?

15. Tell me about the various movement types and usage.

16. What is meant by scales? Can scales be used in standard purchase order?

17. What is the difference between a contract and a scheduling agreement?

18. How does the system calculate taxes?

19. How does the system calculate nondeductible taxes?

20. What is meant by batches? How can the batches be searched?

21. How is a shelf-life item managed in SAP? What is the full cycle?

22. What are the settings required for quota arrangement?

23. What is meant by MRP Type and lot sizing?

24. Can it be configured in such a way that the external requisitions can also be taken into account while MRP runs in consumption-based planning if VB is selected as MRP type?

25. What is a reference purchase organization? When can it be used?

26. Explain the concept of split valuation and when can it be used? What are the settings required?

27. What are valuation area, valuation category and valuation class?

28. What is meant by a credit memo?

29. How are free items managed in a PO?

30. What is meant by a release strategy?

31. What are release groups and release codes?

32. What are the differences between release procedure with classification and release procedure without classification? When are they used?

32. Is it possible to have a release procedure without classification for a PO?

33. What is the maximum number of levels available in SAP?

35. Is it possible to have scales in a quotation?

36. What is GR blocked stock? When it can be used?

37. What is the movement type for return to vendor? How to reverse it?

38. How are the variations in subcontracting taken care of in SAP?

39. What are the tools available for data migration in SAP?

40. What is LSMW?

41. What is the difference between LSMW and CATT?

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