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What is the cost of moving a manufactured home?

What is the cost of moving a manufactured home?

It’s no secret that moving will cost you. Relocating a mobile home will cost money, time, energy and perhaps other negative consequences.

If you’re considering moving a manufactured home, the costs involved can include much more than just money. In fact, the headache of the moving process is a price all of its own. And moving a mobile home involves much more than calling a local tow truck company and hitching up.  

There are several factors that go into moving a mobile home that you will want to know before taking on this difficult task. That being said, we do it all the time so it does have its benefits, obviously. The question is: Do you want to take this task on by yourself? First, we’ll examine the monetary cost of such a move.

The money you spend on moving your mobile homes depends on the distance of the move. Short distant moves can cost between $1,000–$5,000, while longer trips can cost as much as $15,000 or more. You can determine your cost using this good rule-of-thumb: Estimate about $5–$10 per mile for your move. Then factor in the cost of permits and a minimum charge for short moves. (The best way to get an estimate is to call a moving business

near you to find out their rates, but we’ll cover this next) You don’t need to be a mathematician to understand the rising expenses of such a move. And because moving takes so much effort and cost, mobile home parks often scoff at those who threaten to move their homes.

Hiring a Mover

You will need to hire a professional who specializes in relocating large homes. By choosing a good moving company, you get:

This is very important since most mobile home insurance companies do not cover the home while in transit.

Moving permits from the Department of Transport.

They also inspect your home to determine if the home’s current condition allows for transportation

Moving preparation.

The professional moving company will disconnect plumbing and anything else necessary for transportation purposes. They will disconnect at the marriage line and get the mobile home on wheels.

Here are some factors that vary moving costs for a mobile home:

What is the existing foundation of the home? Is it on a slab? If so, the moving cost could be lower. However, if the home is sitting on a block foundation the cost could be considerably higher.

How much does the mobile home weigh? This will affect the price since it determines the size of equipment needed for the haul.

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