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How Rare are High-Grade Dahlonega Quarter Eagles?

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The last article I wrote for my website—about the rarity of high-grade Dahlonega half eagles—was enthusiastically received and seemed to resonate with many collectors. This is why I’ve decided that this month’s article will have the same basic theme, but will touch on the subject of Dahlonega quarter eagles.

The Dahlonega mint began production of quarter eagles in 1839 and discontinued this denomination in 1859. There are a total of 20 issues and two major types: the popular one-year Classic Head (1839 only) and the Liberty Head (1840-1859).

In my experience, choice high-grade quarter eagles from this mint are the hardest of the four denominations made in Dahlonega to acquire. While there are a few dates which are reasonably available in high grades (in this case, “high-grade” is defined as coins grading AU55 and

above), many quarter eagles from this mint are very seldom found in high grades and even less often with original color and choice surfaces.

As I mentioned in the first article in this series, the existence of CAC is a good way to quantify the rarity of certain issues in higher grades. CAC rewards coins which are choice and even though the sample size is not extremely high, enough choice Dahlonega gold coins have been submitted to this service I order to gain meaningful insights into rarity.

The following chart shows the number of high-grade Dahlonega quarter eagles which have been approved by CAC as of the beginning of April 2015. The findings were very surprising to me, and I will analyze them later this article.

High-Grade Dahlonega Quarter Eagle CAC Populations

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