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what is net turnover

What is Turnover?

Turnover is the attrition of employees through voluntary or involuntary terminations. Turnover results in costs to the employer from lost productivity, job advertising costs, training new employees, etc

What are the costs of Turnover?

The costs can be categorized as below:
  1. Separation of Employee
  2. Loss of Productivity
  3. Cost to find a replacement
  4. Training of New Employee

From Univ of Wisconsin ( )

The following worksheet will help you calculate the cost of employee turnover for your company. Knowing the cost of losing and then replacing an employee will help you determine how much you can afford to invest in keeping them. It will also help you analyze whether your investment in keeping your employees is adding to your bottom


Free Online Turnover Calculators

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From University of Wisconsin ( )

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Turnover Cost Calculator for Sales Forces projects the soft and hard costs of, and lost revenue resulting from, the turnover in sales resources.

Turnover Articles

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Monetary and hidden costs associated with employee turnover.

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