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What is non chronological report

what is non chronological report

The USSR had rocketed Sputnik into orbit in October 1957, launching the Space Race. The US fumbled early on with a few live broadcasted, humiliating explosions on the launch pads. The Soviets led - putting the first man into space, then the first woman, soon followed by other impressive achievements!

But during those early years, while still catching up, the US committed itself to put a man on the Moon by the end of the decade. This was successfully achieved in July of 1969 with the crew of Apollo 11. It is estimated, by the way, that the first Moon landing was the single most viewed event in history up until then, with about 1 billion people from around the world watching their TVs as Neil Armstrong first set foot on the lunar surface.

But prior to the launch of Apollo 11, years of research and detailed considerations had been carefully sifted through, deliberated, and brought to culmination. Not much had been known about the Moon's surface or its internal composition. So a wide variety of research was done to try to understand everything that humans of the post-Flood world had learned about the Moon over the ages. One important document was: NASA Technical Report R-277, "Chronological Catalog of Reported Lunar Events" published in July 1968 just one year prior to the first Moon landing.

(Shown at right - satellite view of the Earth; with the Moon visible below.)

The Catalog (NASA TR R-277) from 1968 became the single most complete listing of all observed lunar anomalies that have been variously recorded by astronomers from 1500 until 1967. This book (citing back to original publications)

refers to over 450 years worth of notes recording a myriad of observations of unique or unusual phenomena seen on the lunar surface. They include reports of seeing areas on the moon's surface with strange colors, streaks of light, the appearance of mists, or even possible volcanic activity. The total number of unique (witnesses) observers is over 300 persons. The visible temporary lunar surface aberrations recorded down through the centuries total over 570!

Evolutionists cannot easily explain the continued geological activity evident within the astral bodies of our solar system. They believe that the Earth-Moon system is about 4.5 billion years old and that therefore the Moon must be geologically "cool" and "dead" by now. But 570 sightings made by over 300 individuals through the course of several centuries presents a radically different picture. Many of the listed sightings contend that there were actually multiple witnesses to certain observed recorded events. There is therefore good evidence that the Moon is geologically and/or meteorologically active.

Creationists recognize the hand of our Creator behind this complex, well ordered physical universe. Within this temporary physical incarnation for our souls, (Hebrews 9:27, "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment." ) it is important for us to develop tools, explore and to understand the universe around us within a logical framework - which includes recognizing that it will all pass away by the hand of the same Creator who put it all into existence by his Word. We as finite, small humans on the surface of an isolated bluish planet are only aware of some of the dimensions within the universe around us.

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