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(Alias: non-compliance)

Why, in defiance of every precept and principle of this house, does she conform to the world so openly--here in an evangelical, charitable establishment--as to wear her hair one mass of curls?

- Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

A non-conformance is a departure from an agreed arrangement between an approval authority (or orthodox position) and an individual or group performing work. In the context of quality management an "arrangement" is commonly an agreement to conform to:

  • A work product standard
Example: The format and content of a Software Requirements Specification does not comply with the designated SRS Document Standard
  • A predefined procedure Example: The requirements elicitation activities on project X did not follow the steps required by the Joint Application

    Design Procedure.

  • A work product specification Example: The System Architecture Specification does not address all the customer requirements provided in the System Requirements Specification.
  • A documented plan Example: The activities described in the Project Plan are not being carried out.
  • An international standard for best practice

    Example: Company XYZ does not have a documented procedure for control of quality management system documentation as required by ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems Requirements 1 clause 4.2.3 Control of documents .

  • Typical Conformance Requirements for a Work Product

    The Significance of a Non-conformance

    The existence of a nonconformance means that some aspect of an organisation's standard operating procedures are not being followed.

    How are Non-conformances Identified?

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