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By pfblueprint October 7, 2008

With stories like this ,this. and this. it’s not hard to imagine why someone might need to kick their Bank of America problem all the way to the top of the dung heap. Here’s some executive contact phone numbers:

Executive Customer Relations general line: 704-386-5687

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CountryJustice says:

@amyw461. This sounds like a similar situation I had, but ended with happiness. The wife and I over-spent a few weekends ago (our fault entirely) and incurred a couple overdraft fees for credit purchases made where debit wasn’t an option (such as a gas pump). We then transferred $6 from our primary BoA checking account to our secondary BoA checking account to cover that account’s monthly fee, but because we had no money after the credit charges cleared, that $6 transfer

also incurred an overdraft fee.

I think the key to getting what you want is a little humility. You don’t have to genuflect and grovel and kiss their feet, but a little humility and a good self-depracating sense of humor goes a long way. Customer service has gotten as bad as it has because more and more people feel like their entitled to something–whatever that may be for each person–which then puts reps on perma-defensive mode. A rep will usually go out of his/her way to help someone who initiates the conversation in a pleasant and civil manner. God knows their job sucks, so a few niceties and yuks go a long way. Whenever I hear of someone’s story about how no one wanted to help him, I immediately wonder how much of a blowhard he is/was.

RhodyDave says:

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