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Paying Citi cards with debit cards including prepaid debit cards

what is prepaid debit card

Feb 9, 14 11:53 am by KennyBSAT

Sometime in early 2013, I needed to make a payment on a Citi card with a painfully small CL in order to book some tickets and get the credit offered on that card. Due to Citi's limitations, I could not make the payment online nor push a payment from my bank. So I called in and was offered the option to pay with a debit card. I never took the time to do any experimenting with this option but after I made a post in the AA executive thread, others have(HT rgAAFT ). The conversation about it starts here l#post22312197 and runs for at least 5 pages in between other posts on the Executive card itself.

Takeaways based on info from phone CSR:
  • Any Visa or MC debit card can be used to pay any Citi card over the phone.

Only one payment per day using only one debit card per day. (EDIT: multiple payments are allowed on the same day)

CSR will ask for the billing address. The debit card likely needs to be registered to your name and address.

This method could be very useful for liquidating MVD, JH, PP and similar cards that can be loaded with VR and PP reloads.

This method could work very well with Visa and MC debit gift cards on a small scale.

This method could be used to cycle money through miles (or other rewards) earning debit cards.

I agree with the opinion of this post:


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Tested visa gift card issued by Bancorp and it worked

I really don't think it matters which issuer it is.

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