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What kind of calculators may I sell back?

  • USED Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators.
  • NEW Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators.

What qualifies as a USED calculator?

  • A used calculator may have minor scratches, writing, and/or scuff marks on the outer case.
  • A used calculator works and all functions are usable.
  • All keys are working and are not worn down.
  • The LCD screen is in perfect condition, with no dark spots, missing lines or pixels, or deep scratches.

When do you NOT purchase a used calculator?

  • There is excessive staining, mold or mildew on the case or inside the calculator
  • There are missing or broken keys
  • More than half the keys get stuck constantly and the calculator is unusable
  • The batteries need to be taped or glued on because the battery terminal is broken
  • The calculator software is permanently corrupt
  • Over 50% of the outside of the calculator is covered in writing or highlighting
  • There is an excessive odor of any kind (i.e. tobacco, perfume, mildew, etc.)
  • It was illegally obtained

What qualifies as a NEW calculator?

A new calculator is SEALED and UNOPENED in its original retail packaging.

Will I always receive the payment estimated?

Not necessarily. All calculators are cleaned and tested upon arrival. We do our best to repair damaged calculators, upgrade operating systems, and do whatever possible to refurbish them. If, however, they do not qualify as a new or used calculator then your payment will be adjusted. If the calculator is so damaged that it is not saleable then it will be recycled and you will not receive any payment.

Can a calculator be used and still be considered new?

No. New calculators are still in their retail packaging, unopened, with all accessories included. For calculators in excellent condition, select "Like-New" when filling out the buyback form.

What if I am missing the CD or other items that came with the calculator?

Don't worry - for used calculator, all we need is the calculator itself. We offer extra for the case and link cable, but it is not required. We do not want the Guidebook that came with the calculator, as it raises shipping costs. Please do not send us the guidebook or the increase in shipping fees will be deducted from your payment.

Can I get my calculators back if I change my mind or if you decide they are of no value?

No. Calculators that cannot be sold are recycled.

What if I do not agree with the grading of my calculator?

Graphing calculators are made out of hard plastic and are easy to clean, and we make every effort to clean and refurbish each calculator we receive. Therefore, we are very lenient when it comes to grading calculators and rarely lower the grading from what is specified in the buyback form. If you have a concern please contact our live Customer Service hotline at 800.516.1727. The grade we assign your calculator should reflect the new and used criteria as outlined here.

Please note that in selling back your calculators to us you are agreeing to accept our new and used criteria and the final grade assigned to your calculator after we’ve received and inspected it.

How do I protect my calculators in shipment?

Pack your calculators tightly in a box or thick shipping envelope.Secure all remaining open areas of the

box, including the top, with packing material. We suggest newspaper or paper towels. Seal your packages with packing tape - do not use duct tape or scotch tape.

DO NOT INCLUDE THE GUIDEBOOK OR PAPER MANUAL. Including the guidebook will not add any value to your buyback and will significantly raise shipping costs. Any increase in shipping costs will be deducted from your buyback amount.

DO NOT INCLUDE AAA BATTERIES. Batteries can leak and damage the calculator during shipment. Please remember to remove the four AAA batteries before shipping your calculator.

After the calculators have been packed, affix our prepaid mailing label. Give the package to your mailman, drop in a blue mailbox, or take it to any post office. You may wish to purchase insurance and/or delivery confirmation for your package at the post office. Prepaid shipping via First Class ground shipment is provided via your shipping label. If you choose to use a Priority Mail box from the post office this will increase your shipping cost. We will deduct the additional expedited shipping amount from your total payment.

How much time do I have to send the calculators?

You should send your calculators immediately. We only guarantee the price of your quote if you mail the calculators within 30 calendar days of your quote. After 8 weeks your order will be cancelled.

How long will it take my calculators to get there?

First Class Mail takes anywhere from 1-7 days to deliver, depending on how far away you are from our New York offices. If you would like to track your package, you may purchase delivery confirmation when you drop off your package.

What if you never receive my calculators?

If you have not received confirmation that we received your package within 15 days of shipping, please contact our live Customer Service hotline at 800.516.1727 or via email at

We are not responsible for lost or damaged items. You will not be paid for calculators we do not receive.

What if my calculator doesn't show up on your list?

We only buy calculators that have a resale value. Please only send calculators that have been authorized through our website.

Do you accept buyback orders from other countries besides the U.S. and Canada?

Yes, but you will have to provide your own shipping label.

What do you do with the calculators you purchase?

We sell used calculators to other students who are seeking quality calculators at reasonable prices. When we receive calculators that cannot be resold we recycle them 100% of the time.

Is my privacy protected?

Yes! Your information is absolutely confidential! NEVER sells or shares information with any third party, for any reason.

What if I send calculators not listed on my quote?

No problem - if we find extra calculators in your package, provided that they're models we're currently buying, we'll add the value of these items to your payment. For example - if we quote you $30 for one TI-83 Plus, and you send five of them in like-new condition instead, we'll cut you a check for $150. We won't penalize you for forgetting to add them to your order.

What happens if I use a USPS Priority Mail Envelope or Box with the prepaid Media Mail shipping label?

The cost of shipping will be higher. Additional Priority Mail shipping costs, above the prepaid shipping reflected on the First Class shipping label, will be deducted from your payment.

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