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What is report builder

what is report builder


A report definition, or module, consists of objects that collectively define a report. Two key components in a report definition are the data model and the layout. The data model is a relational model that defines the data to be fetched from the data source(s), the values to be computed, and the order in which the data should appear in a report. Reports Builder objects that define the data model are queries, groups, columns, parameters, and links. The layout contains the formatting information about how the data should appear in the output. Layout objects include repeating frames, frames, fields, boilerplate, and anchors.

With Reports Builder, you can create a new report using the Report Wizard, or create a new report manually. Using the Report Wizard, you are guided through the steps to build a report for both Web and

paper layouts: creating a new report definition, defining the data model, and specifying a layout. To learn more about creating a report using the Report Wizard, see the tutorial Creating a Report Using the Report Wizard.

When you choose to create a new report manually, Reports Builder creates a new default report definition for you. You then create the data model and layout separately.

In this tutorial, you will create a new report manually. You will learn how to use the Data Wizard to create a query for the data model. Then you will learn how to define a paper layout for the data model using the Report Block Wizard.

In this tutorial, you will create a report for an international company. The report will display department and employee information for the company's regional facilities located in each country.

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