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What is royalty free music

what is royalty free music

royalty free music, buyout music,

Royalty Free Music from All Music Library

Royalty free music that's limitless

Every royalty free music track you purchase here comes with a truely limitless royalty free music license. Use them for film, video, radio, theatre, broadcast, podcast, DVD, YouTube, music-on-hold - any project you can think of. Our limitless license grants unlimited duplications, regions, projects, formats, and you can use the music for as long as you need.

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Royalty Free Music


People are often confused by the terms royalty free music and buyout music or buy-out music. Many times people think that it means that the music is completely free of charge, but this is not true. One might also think that the music holds no copyright and can be freely used as if it was in the public domain, this also is not true.

Although one music library will invariably be different from the next, a royalty free music license almost always refers to a "synchronization license" or "sync license" which allows the purchaser to synchronize a piece of music, or a group of music tracks, for the duration of the license without owing any additional fees. Depending on the library, a synchronization license can be used for any type of project that requires music.

In most cases, a royalty free music license will have a term (or length) for the lifetime of the purchaser without owing any fees. However, it is frequently found that a "royalty free music" license is termed for a limited time, which makes the license not a true royalty free license.

Alternatives to a royalty free music license

Apart from a royalty free license, there are other types of music licenses that cover synchronization use. The two most significant are a one-time sync license, or "needle drop" license in which the license purchaser is allowed to sync the music and is charged for each use.

Another type is often referred to as a "Blanket License." A blanket license is a pretty popular option and is used by major corporations and advertising

agencies who need to have a steady and constant access to a large amount of music. You will typically see large music organizations and PROs or Performance Rights Organizations like ASCAP, SOCAL, and BMI who grant this license for their customers. The blanket license covers a large group of songs for the user for a length of time, like one or several years. A blanket license is like renting a large group of music.

All Music Library Makes it Easy

Since there are so many types of licenses, All Music Library's license does away with much of the complication of typical music licensing and allows the user to pay a one time licensing fee, and then use the music as much as they want, for as long as they want. Not only is this a more affordable option, but it is more convenient as well because it eliminates much of the paperwork, calculating of fees, and check writing associated with standard music licensing.


Royalty free music is a catch-all music license that's the easiest and simplest option for licensing production music. Royalty free music or buyout music is typically found in stock music libraries like All Music Library. The license is permission to synchronize the music to any type of project you may be working on, will only cost you a one-time fee, and lasts forever.

Royalty Free Production Music Library

The All Music Library is a collection of the highest quality royalty free music (or buyout music) available for use in any type of project you may need it for. This includes but is not limited to a multitude of production areas including video production, advertising, television and radio programming, movie and film productions, on hold music, multimedia production, web design and more.

Since All Music Library is a truly royalty free music library, every purchase made here will be a one-time fee to cover all of the use you would ever need. Other music libraries are not guaranteed to provide you with this convent cover-all royalty-free license. Oftentimes, they will want to charge you for each time you use the music.

Royalty Free Music Downloads

To add to the convince of having a completely royalty free license, we offer our music as instant downloads. You can easily browse through our catalogue and download any of our buyout music tracks instantly. Each music track is provided in the highest quality audio format, CD-Quality sound in WAV files at 44.1KHz. In addition, you are able to download the music in any smaller MP3 format, 128Kbit or 320Kbit for a quicker and smaller download. If you need a less standard format or encoding such as OGG, MP4, or AIFF, we will be happy to convert them to the required format at no additional charge.

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