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What Is SAP BI?

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SAP BI stands for SAP Business Intelligence. It is a platform and toolkit for businesses, and provides solutions that gives companies power over their business results. It includes simulations to help predict outcomes and capabilities for a company to do extensive planning.

What Is SAP BI?

SAP BI is a component of SAP's NetWeaver called Business Intelligence. It has a platform and tool set that provides solutions that allow companies to have power over their results. Its components allow you to make simulations to predict future possibilities.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is the use of technology (particularly computer software) used to help a business know where it stands more clearly. By using analyses and reports, the business can become better organized electronically.

BI's Data Warehousing Feature

BI's data warehousing features allow you to improve how your business is run by means of storing the company's data electronically. A data warehouse basically is an electronic allocation of some or all of the company's data, keeping reports and analysis of the company in an organized manner.

Enterprise Reporting

Enterprise Reporting is a feature of BI which queries certain departments of a company to create an accurate model of how the company is running.

Why is Business Intelligence Beneficial?

Business intelligence benefits companies since it is preferable to have organized and secure electronic records, rather than having paper records and hiring people to report back results from these records. The growing competition among businesses and the growing reliance on technology makes business intelligence a plausible solution for companies.

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