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What is sgs report

what is sgs report

ARE YOU SELLING ON-LINE? How do you convince buyers that your vehicle is really as good as you say it is?

ARE YOU BUYING ON-LINE? How do you check out a vehicle located many miles away?

YOUR ANSWER: A 150-point vehicle inspection report from SGS Automotive Services, the country’s largest independent vehicle inspection company.

Here’s why you should consider an SGS Inspection:

  • Convenience – We come to you - wherever the vehicle is located, home or office. Our inspectors work Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm, and our customer service hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 9pm. SGS will attempt to post the inspection

    report within 24 hours of the completion of the inspection.

  • Buyers – You’re spending thousands of dollars and you want peace of mind. Check out the vehicle for sale on-line by ordering a professional, independent SGS Vehicle Inspection Report.
  • Sellers – You want top dollar. Encourage on-line buyers to choose your vehicle by showing them an independent SGS inspection report.
  • Trust – SGS doesn’t buy or sell vehicles, parts or repairs. We only inspect vehicles and provide thorough, independent, factual, highly-detailed inspection reports.
  • SGS Vehicle Inspection Reports

    Fast, convenient, thorough, professional,

    independent and totally on-line today.

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