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What is the congressional budget office

what is the congressional budget office

The NIH Congressional Justification ("CJ") provides the Senate and House Appropriations Committees detailed estimates and justifications for research and research support activities (infrastructure, administrative, etc.) that NIH would anticipate funding at the President's Budget Request level.

The Overview section provides a narrative discussing NIH's past accomplishments in advancing the biomedical research enterprise, as well as current and future research endeavors of great promise. This section also provides NIH budget and employment summary tables (consolidated from those of all NIH's Institutes and Centers) and, justifications and tables for centrally provided services (the NIH Management Fund, and the NIH Service and Supply Fund).

NIH has 27 separate appropriations for which CJ documentation is prepared. Links to this documentation is provided here: Institutes and Centers Congressional


To support the NIH mission to uncover new knowledge and transform health care with responsive, accurate, and timely budget and performance management information.

Persons using assistive technology may not be able to fully access information in one or more the files comprising the Congressional Justification (CJ). If the content is stored on an IC web site, contact the web administrator for that IC. For materials stored on the OB web site, some CJ files may currently be undergoing remediation for compliance with Section 508. The remediation is anticipated to be completed by Monday, February 16, 2015. In the interim, if you need accessibility assistance with a CJ file, please contact the NIH Office of Budget by e-mail at or .”

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