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How long do collections stay on credit report

how long do collections stay on credit report

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    Contactless travel: the Oyster and the Opal

    London has implemented a contactless "tap and go" ticketing scheme allowing commuters to use credit cards and Apple Pay as an alternative to the Oyster card. So how easily

    could this come to NSW?

    For Sydney public transport users, the Opal card was a long wait. But now the smartcard is here – 15 years after the former government promised its like for the Sydney Olympics, more than 70 per cent of all journeys are now made on an Opal – there's every chance the card could soon be overhauled.

    In multiple areas – in what we pay for public transport, in how we pay for it, and in the sort of information we give and receive from transport cards – the arrival of the Opal is likely to be a precursor to bigger changes to come.

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