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How rich would your state be if it was a country? Texas has the same GDP as Canada, and Maryland the equivalent of South Africa

By Reporter 05:23 23 Jun 2015, updated 13:16 23 Jun 2015

  • California would be 8th largest economy in the world at more than $2.3trillion, about the size of Brazil
  • Texas, which grew by more than 5 per cent in 2014. is second biggest, roughly on par with Canada at $1.6trillion
  • Even Mississippi, the poorest state by per capita GDP, has economy the same size as Slovakia at $104billion

A map comparing the gross domestic products US states to other countries shows the massive scale of the country's economy.

The largest US states are seen rivaling global economic players that rank in the International Monetary Fund's top 10.

However, even small and poor American states have similar 2014 GDPs, or the values of all the goods and serviced produced during last year, to entire nations.

The individual states in America (pictured) have economic activity that rivals that of entire countries. Above, each state is labelled with a country that has a similar GDP

The new map, created by the conservative

American Enterprise Institute think tank, received a new version after data was released by the Department of Commerce's Bureau of Economic Analysis .

California continued to be the most powerful economic state in the country, with a GDP of $2.3trillion that roughly rivaled Brazil's and would be the eighth largest economy in the world.

The state's 38.8million people churned out more money than countries such as India ($2.04trillion GDP), which has a population of more than 1.2billion, according to  the AEI .

Other powerhouse states such as New York and Florida matched EU countries Spain and the Netherlands, respectively.


California has a diverse economy that would be the eighth largest in the world on its own. Above, a tractor at a vegetable field in the Edna Valley

The state has a GDP roughly the same size as Brazil's. Above, Christ the Redeemer stands above Rio de Janeiro

New data released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis shows that area in the west of the United States experienced strong growth in 2014

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