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What is the monthly payment

what is the monthly payment

What will you get "paid" for foster parenting?


All of these numbers are approximate. Each state may have different rules or regulations that may change the amount of money received for each child. The monthly payout is changing often. It fluctuates based on the needs of the child that comes to your home. There will be times when you get much more, and there will be times when you get possibly half of the monthly stipend. Often temporary foster children do not stay longer than a couple of weeks. So the amount you receive will be considerably less than it would be if you were fostering long term.

Still think you want to be a foster parent?

These numbers are pathetic. In some of these you are lucky if the payment will be enough to cover gasoline to get back and forth to the many doctors appointments that foster children have. Getting payment from the state is NOT getting "paid". You are not being paid for a service. You are getting payment to HELP cover costs for the child. These payments do NOT cover all costs. You will NOT make a profit (unless you are neglecting the child). You WILL pay more than you are given!

It's rather simple. Are you wanting to get paid or get some help in the form of payment. There is nothing wrong with needing a little help with the costs of being a foster parent. There is however something wrong with the idea of wanting to get paid for being a foster parent. If you

think you want in it to get "paid" please do us all a favor and get out before you start!

If you see these numbers and still think you want to become a foster parent please learn more, and see what you can do to help the over 500,000 children nation wide without homes.

Fostering Children With Special Needs

Children in the foster care system who are high needs garner a higher monthly payment. These children also have higher costs, more doctor's visits, and need more time invested into them. A higher needs foster child will need more time and attention given to them. You can't just collect the monthly payment and take them to their doctors visits. You will need to have more patience for them, play with them more, learn what they need from you, form different types of discipline for them, and basically do everything different.

Some are broken mentally because of what they have been through, while others have physical issues that add to the mental issues caused by the neglect or abuse they went through in their home before becoming a foster child.

Remember that when you are thinking of becoming a foster parent, you are dealing with a life, a little person that will depend on you for every need. They are not a puppy. You can not do it just because you want to do something nice. You need to have certain skills and training. While it is an amazing thing to do, it is NOT for everyone!

Does your payment each month cover your costs?

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