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How Long Do Antibiotics Delay Period?

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Apr 13, 2013


You should get your periods in a few days. However if the periods are delayed then get it evaluated from your doctor. Apart from pregnancy, there are many other reasons for a delayed period. The other causes are hormonal imbalance like in PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome), stress, obesity, malnutrition, anemia, hypothyroidism, illness, etc.

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Thank you for this useful information! Glad I wasn't the only one. I am experiencing the same thing too. I have diligently been tracking my periods and I usually get my period on my 30th-33rd day. Here's my story:

- 10th day of my cycle: I had a boil that had to be surgically removed and naturally, I had to be placed on antibiotics. I had to take Ciprofloxacin for a total of 18 days since along with the boil, during my recovery from surgery, I had to extend my medication as I have contracted tonsillopharyngitis.

- 17th day of my cycle: (my 8th day of antibiotics), this was supposedly my time of ovulation but I experienced light bleeding and it lasted for quite a while. I have experienced ovulation spotting before, but not this heavy so I'm ruling it out. My spotting is more like a light period actually, with occasional solidified blood and all.

- 22nd day of my cycle: (my 13th day of antibiotics) This is the last day of my bleeding. I don't think I should consider this as my period, should I? I'm supposed to be experiencing very, very mild breast tenderness (as I previously would in my past cycles) but didn't get any.

- 26th day of my cycle: (my 17th day of antibiotics) I spotted again that lasted the whole day. I didn't experience any other symptoms aside from that. I can tell that my ovaries and uterus are quite as confused as I am.

- 27th day of my cycle: (my 18t and last day

of antibiotics) I am beginning to feel my usual tightness in the abdomen. I usually get this whenever I am about to get my period (estimated 4-7 days from the time the symptoms start). My usual breast pains (though not as intense as my previous cycles) are starting to make its presence known now.

- 33rd day of my cycle: I am supposed to have my period now but didn't get anything. I only have mildly sensitive breasts and occasional abdominal pains that I would usually experience whenever I am about to get my period.

- 37th day of my cycle: (this is today) Still no period. Only sensitive breasts and occasional abdominal pains. I have also been feeling gassy and bloated today. Where oh where is my period? I don't want it and the dysmenorrhea that comes with it to ruin my trip to the theme park tomorrow.

Also, for important additional info: I am 23 years old. South-East Asian. I am no way pregnant because I am a virgin. I am not taking any birth control pills. I am also tracking my cycle and have been doing this for three years now because I got scared before when I got delayed after getting confined for an infection (thus had antiobiotics placed in IV) and then bled blackish colored blood on the 14th day of my menstrual cycle. I have been told a lot of times before that the changes in my cycle are affected by something else but I believe otherwise, hence my drive to track a daily diary of my cycle, tracking my secretion types, the kind of physical activity I'm in during that day, my alcohol intake (since in my past cycles, I have noticed that alcohol sort of kick starts my delayed cycle) and medicine intake (which so far delays my period).

I hope this helps. I'll update this as soon as I notice something different in my body. Take care!

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