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What Is The Best Pyramid Workout?

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TOPIC: What Is The Best Pyramid Workout?

The Question:

Doing sets with the same weight every week cannot only get boring, but can actually lead to a plateau. A pyramid type of training can be perfect for huge muscle growth.

What is the best pyramid workout? Be specific.

What are some of the advantages of a pyramid workout?

What are some of the disadvantages?

Bonus Question. Do you use a pyramid workout or incorporate pyramid training ideas into your workout? How so?

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What Is The Best Pyramid Workout?

There's no such thing as the "best pyramid workout," it is all trial and error. Sometimes something that didn't work for you 3 months ago will work a lot better now due to the fact that your muscles have adapted to the type of training you have consistently performed.

Changing the reps/weights going up the "pyramid" will all lead to changes your body must become adapt to. The more changes it endures, the faster it will grow. I love high volume type of pyramid workouts, but the more volume means the more calories you need to consume!

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The More Changes Your Body Endures,

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