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What is the vat in uk

what is the vat in uk

If you are requiring a car for import and use into Cyprus please see Algys Autos Cyprus Import Scheme Page and click here: Cyprus Car importer

*This is possibly the most important page on this entire vast website. This page WILL save you a fortune. Please take the time to read it properly.*


So, Here's the situation: You want to purchase a low mileage, good specification, good condition Japanese used Car Import. You have searched and visited UK car showrooms and found either 'junk' or the prices are just exorbitant. I'm right aren't I? So it is obvious that if YOU could go to Japan, choose your car and import it yourself you would have the perfect car at a price that cannot UK compare. Yes of course, but that's just not possible. Enter Algy's Autos.

We are the UKs Major car Importer with Offices and garages in Japan, Cyprus and the UK. We have been the UK Major Importer supplying ANY quality car direct from Japan and UK Registered for nearly 20 years! We will act on your behalf and source, inspect and purchase ANY car for you, that is either Japanese or European. We will then import it in your name and complete all that is required for you to ensure it is UK 'Road Legal' and Registered at the Bristol Garage; we can even deliver it to your home address!

It is very simple, we have the full infrastructure to accommodate every situation. Here's briefly just some of the reasons how we save you a fortune:

  1. We have Garages in Japan so there are no 'middle men' to be paid
  2. We get better rates than most due to our standing in the Japan Trade
  3. We get favourable shipping & transportation rates
  4. We import at Private Vat figures not trade
  5. We are not greedy, we charge a simple £350 +Vat commission (this is the largest saving, UK Trade simply cannot function on such a small profit margin)

To Proceed

  1. Browse our web pages see stock and their true OTR UK prices. (Please note or stock changes DAILY so for up-to-date stock you must email us!)
  2. Contact us by email or freephone 0800 634 75 76. Tell us your car requirements. We will advise

    you of availablity and prices.

  3. Place a fully refundable commission fee with us and we will start to source vehicles for you. You will get photos, an independant inspection and advice from us.
  4. When you have selected the used car that interests you (take as long and see as many reports as you like) we will try to purchase on your behalf. If successful we will then convey the car to our nearest Japan Garage and re-inspect, pass further comments and a catologue of photographs.
  5. We import the car for you, carry out all customs clearances and transport to our UK garage.
  6. We will then Mot, Iva, conduct UK conversions and arrange UK registration. You can of course request anything further you require at the garage as we have full facilities including up-grades, mechanics, alarms, cosmetics etc.
  7. We will then prepare the car for your collection or deliver it to your home address.

This system is unique to Algys Autos Ltd. We save time, you save money, how simple is that?

The regulations governing the 'Import Scheme' are thus:

Import Scheme Regulations:

1. The car can be selected from our excisting stock if it is not UK landed .

2. We can purchase any used car in Japan for you using this scheme.

3. The full purchase price of the car must be paid at time of purchase from our stock ( This is the price WE paid for the car in Japan NOT the advertised price!) (the car only NOT shipping, VAT and other duties / expenses).

4. We shall arrange all UK duties and fees. You will be given this invoice and pay exactly this fee.

5. The car can be shipped to any UK port of your choice.

6. We can arrange your car collection from port, Mot, Registration, IVA test, Service, Conversions, any Cosmetics at our Bristol Garage. Even Nation-wide delivery!

7. The commission fee is Ј350 + Vat.

8. We arrange EVERYTHING for you at a price that is immposible to equal!

9. We bring your car in with our other stock and it is 100% safe.

10. If you wish to be quoted for any car in our stock on the Import Scheme either contact us by phone or email as above.

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