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It is not mandatory to own a television set or buy a ticket to the stadium before you can watch your favorite football team playing. With great technological developments, you can watch football online with the help of your android device right from the comfort of your bed with your spouse. Whether you want to catch the Barclays premier league, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1 or Eridivisie among other leagues, simply buy an android device or tablet. In our discussion below, we have outlined some of the best android applications that will enable you watch football online with one or two of your close friends even when you are away from your home. Best three applications to watch football online with Android device

Football channel next match

Football channel next match is a product of RVB. The application allows you to stream live matches to your tablet as well as android devices.

Pros of the application

• It is free to use

• You can live stream almost all matches from any of the competitive leagues in the world as well as the less competitive ones

• It also streams other major events in taking place across the world

Con of the application

• The application requires a Wi-Fi connection with a very high speed that most of us may not access.

NBC sports live extra

NBC sports, a US based company is among the most popular broadcasters of football and other matches. The broadcasting group has an application that you use to watch a footbal l match with your tablet as well as android device.

Pros of the app

• It enables you to watch different football matches as well as other sports

• Although you will not pay but it is relatively affordable

• You will also have the opportunity of watching highlights of any of the previous matches that you may have missed because of one reason or the other.

• Only NBCs subscribers can access this application

• NBC video support only works for people within the United States of America

U stream is a free application that allows users to watch live matches and videos as well as broadcasting them to your friends. If you want to share an exciting move made by your favorite Barclays premier player with one of your friends then U stream is the application you should download right away.

In conclusion, we have several applications that you can use to watch football online on your android device while sipping a glass of the best wine from United States of America. Each of these applications has its features that distinguish it from the others on the market. Before you install one of them, it is good that you take time and

look at its features to determine whether it is the best. Some of the top applications include U stream, NBC sports live extra and Football channel next match. Furthermore, not all the applications come freely since we have such as NBC sports live extra that require monthly subscription before you enjoy your matches.

Watch Live Stream ncaa college football on your pc, iphone, tab & android

Watch ncaa college football on your pc, iphone, tab & android

The 2015-2016 NCAA college football season is here and everybody is yearning to experience college football 2015 live streaming on pc,tab,smart phone without any interruption. Well if you are reading this then you are in the right place. for soul diehards of college football you will be able to catch every spectacular moment of the great popular college football. The football lovers have 3 options i.e. online streaming, cable TV of media.

Watch Live Stream ncaa college football on your pc, iphone, tab & android

Since it is one of the most popular sports in some states especially from south eastern part of United States of America. A small percentage of the game is only broadcasted by ESPN and CBS with a larger portion of it being the national championship. For a NCAA college football diehards this obviously not enough and they have to look for a better option of streaming them live from their smart phones and tablets without missing any action wherever they are.Over a broadcast media all you need to do to watch it through a small antenna called OTA that enables you to pick specific games and has an option of inserting an OTA DVDR for recording which ensures you don’t miss any game. CBS broadcasting offers a media broadcast where a user can stream the college sports online. Despite being a better option it has a major drawback that is that it can only show small percentage of games and broadcast the rest through the radio which is a free service offered by colleges in support of their teams. One would rather listen to college broadcasts.

You can catch the major playoffs games on espn3 website known as When they game

Starts the espn3 server archive’s them and make then easily available for streaming .


This is a streaming app developed by ESPN and it enables the user to watch college football online but it is not available in the USA region but outside.

This is some of streaming services require login information from cable TV subscription in orders to provide access to full live streaming on the games. Once you are logged on you can stream the college sports live from any compatible device.

Don’t worry when you are not able to make it for live match as you can catch all the excitements on the palms of your hands using your phones and tablets .

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