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What is vat in india

Various books have been written on the issue of VAT. But, most of them cover VAT levies state-wise and are basically oriented towards helping students pass examinations on the subject. So it was a long felt need for a comprehensive book covering various aspects of VAT, for catering to the specific needs of VAT practitioners offering consultations to their clients on the indirect tax levies in different states or for augmenting the knowledge of businessmen on the subject, especially those running small and medium level businesses, who have little time to read and assimilate complicated books on tax matters.

This book, thus attempts to address these problems by offering readers a broad picture of VAT as applicable in various states, and virtually acts like a summary of

VAT laws of all the states in the country. In addition, it provides a simplified state-wise view of these laws for anyone wishing to be acquainted with their complex nature. To meet this end, all the changes made in Acts related to VAT through the issuance of notifications and circulars have been incorporated in the book, which also functions as a reckoner on Professional Tax and Entry Tax for all the states in India.

Apart form the facts and figures given for all the states, we provide the readers a CD with the book in which we have soft copy of all the related forms and Schedules, statewise, which will be useful for dealers as well as other practising CA’s for their day to day work.

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