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What money can t buy

what money can t buy

September 17, 2014

FMF on Hiatus

Well, as they say, all good things must end. Or at least take a break.

I started this blog over nine years ago simply to chronicle my financial thoughts and progress. Now, nearly a decade later, it's time to put down my keyboard. Whether that's for a moment or forever is yet to be determined. But as of now, it's clear that I need to take a break.

The simple reason for this is that maintaining the blog is much more time and effort than I have at the moment. Even to write one post a week. Even to manage guest posts. It's just too much. Because running a functioning blog is not just posting. It's also managing comments, answering emails (and I get 30-40 a day!), keeping up with trends, looking for story ideas, and on and on.

At this point I just have other things in my life that are more pressing/important. Namely:

  • My kids are in high school and making decisions on college/jobs that I need to help with.
  • My wife will need my help/guidance as she moves from a homeschool mom to whatever is next for her.
  • My job is great and very fulfilling, but also very demanding. The time at work I once had (for the first several years of FMF) to write is now gone, which means the only time I have left is time that would be spent with my family or in leisure. Which is time I don't want to spend writing.

This doesn't mean I'll never blog again, but it does likely mean FMF will never be what it once was. Perhaps I'll post now and then, but the truth is most readers will move on (and who can blame them?).

So as I bow out, I thought I'd give you all a list of where I intend to go from here financially. Consider this the best guess at the next financial chapter of my life:

  • The kids will be off to college in a year or two. We've saved a good amount, but whether it's enough or we'll need to supplement it remains to be seen. This is our last major expense before retirement.
  • I'll keep saving, of course, to try and hit the don't-spend-principal retirement. I'd like to have. At the current rate, I should be able to hit that level in 5 years or so.
  • I think I've mentioned here previously that I could retire in five years if I wanted. As of now, I'm having a blast at my job and can't see leaving anytime soon. Perhaps I'll work until 59 1/2 (closer to 10 years) when all my IRA funds will become available.
  • A key part of my retirement plan is my rental properties. I think they will conservatively generate about $50,000 after all expenses. If all goes well, I could earn $60,000 a year.
  • If my wife decides to go back to work (which I think is unlikely), that would be an unexpected extra income.

As I go, I want to thank all the readers and commenters here over the years. It's been you who have made this site so great. I've learned so much from you and appreciate you being part of FMF.

I can't connect with everyone, but if you're a regular reader here and want to connect, send me an email with your FMF commenter name (so I know you) and we can link up via LinkedIn.

As for now, I'm signing off, and wishing you all God's best blessings.

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