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What Does it Mean When a Dandelion Tattoo Turns into a Feather Tattoo and Birds?

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Question: What Does it Mean When a Dandelion Tattoo Turns into a Feather Tattoo and Birds?

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Would you be kind enough to tell me what the history of this bird-like design means? Is it spiritual?


Tattoo symbolism is such a rich way to express your beliefs and anything you like to hold of value, into a cherished design. One of the more recent tattoo trends that has really taken flight is feather tattoos. Feathers can signify many things, including freedom of flight and letting go. Are you making some major life changes? Do you feel like you are getting your wings so to speak, and the courage to fly alone?

This may be represented in a single feather design.

But first let's address the dandelion. Most people have wished and blown on a dandelion and scattered their hopeful seeds into the universe. If your wishes are then represented by a feather, perhaps you secretly wish to fly alone? Is that the dream you blow about from the dandelion seed?

Lastly we have the flock of birds flying from the feather that emerged righteously from the dandelion. You may think this doesn't makes sense but it does.

Freeing oneself of the chains and the

cage you live in allows you to become who you really are.

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Taking flight with all the rest of the birds means you are officially airborne. What will you do with this newfound freedom? Will you stay in flight position or will you fly higher than the rest like author Richard Bach's story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull? You can read more about Jonathan here.

Placement Ideas

Another important consideration is where will you place your dandelion and flock of bird tattoo? This design could look very cool on the shoulder blade, but also works on the inner forearm as well. Tattoos should be placed wherever and however the individual best sees fit, but you can also speak to your artist to get their design and placement suggestions before you make the mark. A talented artist will spend some time analyzing your body and the curvatures and also place an pre-existing tattoos into consideration. Be sure you find the right artist for the job and you'll be even happier with your new art. This hopeful and wishful tattoo design combines many elements of both change and hope. Rather than live in the past, or be afraid of making wishes in fear they won't come true, learn to have some faith. It's one thing that's permanent.

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