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What to do with foreign coins

what to do with foreign coins

Antique, Vintage and Old Coins


Collecting old coins? If you are not already an expert understand a few things about old coins and enjoy the hobby.

Most old coins dealers do not provide free valuations, it's usually an offer to buy. That is what they are willing to pay you for an old coins.

You want as much as you can get, dealers want to buy for as little as possible. It's how they make a living! So, Caveat emptor with your old coins!

Start with your local library. They have many books on old coins and paid staff to help you -- staff that you pay for with your tax dollars. They can't provide a valuation, but if they just

help you find an old coins catalog you're likely to find some prices.

Don't expect to get quality information on the valuation of old and antique coins over the telephone or via e-mail. What takes two seconds to do in person, can take 20 minutes by telephone and dealers don't have that much free time.

Some Bad News -- Most are not valuable! They were generally produced in millions and nobody ever throws them away!

Condition, or state of preservation, is most important. "Mint Condition" is tops, but don't think for a second coins that look really good are in mint condition. Mint Condition means not in any way distinguishable from new!

For a great source on valuation we recommend Standard Catalogue of World Coins, by Krause.

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