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Casey Anthony's parents reveal to Dr Phil what really happened to Caylee

By John Stevens for the Daily Mail 23:21 28 Aug 2011, updated 23:22 28 Aug 2011

Casey Anthony's parents will finally speak out about what really happened to their granddaughter and reveal new information that could have changed the outcome of the case, it has been suggested.

George and Cindy Anthony will give their first interview since the verdict in the trial of their daughter to Dr Phil on September 12.

In a promotional clip for the interview that has been released, the talk show host grills the grandparents of Caylee Anthony.

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Speaking out: The promotional clips shows George and Cindy Anthony talking to Dr Phil in their first interview since the trial of their daughter

New information: Cindy Anthony will reportedly tell Dr Phil that Casey had seizures that could stop her being able to tell fact from fiction


Jeff Ashton

The lead prosecutor in the Casey Anthony trial will publish a book about the case in November, the Orlando Sentinel reported today.

Jeff Ashton's book will be the first published insider account of the notorious murder trial.

The Sentinel reported that the title of the book is 'Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony'.

Ashton, pictured, retired from his position as Assistant State Attorney in Florida days after the Casey Anthony trial ended.

'I want you to answer my questions, the truth

once and for all,' Dr McGraw tells Mr and Mrs Anthony in the video.

During the 30-second advert, George and Cindy Anthony are not heard speaking, but a series of clips showing the television host asking questions suggest that the interview will reveal new information about the case.

'America's never heard of this explanation before. Why have you sat on this information?' Dr Phil is shown asking.

He goes on, 'You know the truth don't you?'

During the investigation into their granddaughter Caylee's death, Mr and Mrs Anthony maintained their daughter's innocence.

But on the first day of their daughter's murder trial, the defence claimed that Caylee drowned in the Anthony's pool and that George Anthony had molested Casey.

They argued that George had persuaded his daughter to cover up the accident.

Television first: It is the first interview since Casey Anthony's lawyers accused George Anthony of abusing his daughter

Strained relationship: Casey Anthony, pictured with her daughter Caylee, has only had limited contact with her parents since her release from prison

'Cindy, there are millions of people who want to shake you awake,' Dr Phil tells the mother in the video.


The Anthonys have only had limited contact with their daughter since her release from prison. It is not thought that they have met in person.

Casey Anthony is currently serving one year's probation in Florida for a cheque fraud case unrelated to her murder trial.

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