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President Nixon was a good president

what was nixon charged with


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I am a bored man. I thought this would be a interesting topic to go on about before I start school in a week haha.

I think President Nixon is a good president because of all he's accomplished while he was in office.

Foreign policy

President Richard Nixon had excellent success in Foreign Policy. He was the first President to go to China. While In China Nixon met with then leader Mao Zedong where Nixon acknowledged the Chinese form of Government then forming peace with the Chinese and opening trade with China, who today is one of the U.S top trading partners. Ever see those stickers on the items you purchase "made in China"? well say thank you to Richard Nixon.

Nixon plan called "DпїЅtente" helped ease tensions between the Soviets and the U.S during the time of the cold war. After meeting with the Soviet's Leader Leonid Brezhnev. Nixon and Brezhnev was able to come to an agreement where nuclear arms will not be used by either sides. This allowed the U.S to stop spending so much money on nuclear arms and start focusing on the welfare state.

Civil Rights

Nixon passed many bills to help Woman's rights. It is because of Nixon that Women have equal pay and equal employment opportunities in the United states with his

Equal pay and Equal employment acts. It was also during Nixon's time that abortion was legalized. (Roe V Wade) Nixon was pro choice and believed that when a woman is raped abortion should be a option.

Nixon believed that racism was a moral failure in the United States and worked to desegregate schools. Nixon greatly enforced the desegregation of all schools after the decision of the supreme court "Alexander v. Holmes County Board of Education." Only 18% of black school children attended all black schools a 70% decrease from when Nixon came to office.

"In this sense, Nixon was the greatest school desegregator in American history," historian Dean Kotlowski concluded.

Author Conrad Black concurred: "In his singular, unsung way, Richard Nixon defanged and healed one of the potentially greatest controversies of the time.


Nixon's Environmental policies were the greatest of any president. It was the Nixon administration that started the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Nixon signed environmental bills like the Clean air and water acts. These bills allows the EPA to enforces regulations to protect the public from being exposed to hazardous contaminants that effect the human health.

Nixon first year in office was also the first time the United States sent 3 men to the moon making the U.S the first nation to ever do so. Later on Nixon approved the NASA space shuttle program allowing Americans to explore space for decades afterward.

With all that Nixon has done for the United States of America. I think makes him a good president.

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