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Justice Denied

The following copies of records are requested to be made available for my review the originals provided at the Aurora Clerk of Records. During his review he may request identified pages to be copied which will be paid .25 cents per page.

No staff will be need ed to be engaged in this review other than to provide the original documents. This is the third written unheeded request in direct violation of CORA.

The documents are to be in their completed form with all blanks filled in and all parties signatures included. Any amendments to these documents are also included in the CORA request.

1. Gaylord Hotel Project proposed built near the Denver Airport. All building descriptions are to be included with the contracts between owners and development companies of record. This request includes the water park of 245 acres.

2. Fitzsimons Hotel documents with owners of the land and agreement with City of Aurora. The sale contract of purchase of the land at the south east corner of Colfax Ave and Peoria from the owners of the land.  All details of development contract scheduled to be built at the South East corner of Colfax Ave and Peoria.

3. Documents and details of Niagara Bottling L.L.C. Gun Club Road contract of purchase and development with the City of Aurora. Included in the file that covers the contract of development and purchase of real estate for construction of the building improvements.

The business contract that covers all payments by Niagara Bottling Plant to City of Aurora for taxes, licenses and purchase of water used to fill bottles which are sold in the USA. Within this contract it will include what limitations of gallons of water will be allowed sold per month and year by City of Aurora to Niagara Bottling Company.

4. According an unnamed witness there has been over $600,000 paid to silence complaints directed against the Aurora Police Department. It has been reputed to be common practice by the Police Department to destroy any written complaints against officers. Since all complaints are submitted to the Police Department directly with no record of any complaints being filed with the Clerk of Records City of Aurora we believe these complaints simply disappear and thus no record of any complaints exist. Is this why Chief Oats quit the Aurora Police Department to work elsewhere in a smaller community. I want copies of all settlements issue to quiet complaints and require issuance of a settlement check as payment to a victim filing the complaint.

I am responsible for causing the Police Department of Aurora instituting written reports to record a complaint. I filed a complaint with the police and was told the complaint would be verbal and I would receive a decision within several weeks after the verbal complaint was received. I refused, and wrote the complaint, and filed it with

the Police. I will continue this story as we proceed with this Open Records Request. The Police should have a copy of my complaint.

The City of Aurora has two weeks from this date to setup a meeting time at the Clerk of Records office for me to review all above original records requested by this Open Records Act.

Please respond to this request by letter or email within two weeks from the date of this request:

James W. Burneson (address listed above)


In Behalf the Citizens of Aurora.

We believe that the Aurora City Council have wrongfully approved the Gaylord Hotel Project and Aurora Bottling Plant.  The citizens of Aurora must have priority rights to our water resources and reserves. Gaylord Project and other commercial business interests should only be served after the public needs are served and planned for with sufficient water reserves. Until the public is properly served without water rationing, any further development can and must be considered excessive development.

It is long past time for the Aurora City Council to provide the public with an accurate accounting of water reserves and the true implications of the drought on commercial development. We also believe the council approved water bottling plant and the Gaylord project are prime examples of mismanaging our water resources. We are therefore demanding a public benefits analysis of the public value of both of these projects. What is the true cost of depletion of needed scarce resources vs. actual income of these projects to the public?

We suggest that each Council Member study this linked article on the end outcome of a similar bottling boondoggle in Sacramento, California. Nestle bottling and local officials were disgraced by a near riot when protesters found that Nestle was entitled to an open-ended claim for what was reported to be at least 80,000,000 gallons of scarce Sacramento water resources. Read about this debacle at this link to an article in “Daily KOS” authored by Dan Bacher:

We ask you further, to consider the effects continued support of these unwarranted projects might have on your City Of Aurora future tenure and retirement benefits. City Manager Noe has demonstrated his incompetence in approving these projects and your continuing support of them will ultimately see you following him and City Attorney Richardson to an early retirement in disgrace.

We recently received a rambling email from Molly Marker about a water projection request and she, as a Council member, could not provide even a semblance of an estimate. If Council member Marker can’t answer questions about water projections, we can assume that an analysis of Public benefits is not available.   Approval of these two projects without consideration of Public merit represents a near fraudulent exercise of your duties as council members.

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