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What year are silver coins

what year are silver coins

How To Buy Silver Bullion

Buying silver bullion at low silver prices is not the daunting task that many seem to think it is — in fact, buying silver bullion has never been easier. There are, however, some basic guidelines that one will want to follow when looking to buy silver. Although this list is not all inclusive, it is a good starting point:

Am I in a financial position to invest in precious metals?

As with any investment, precious metals investments can lose value and investors can experience losses. Make sure you are comfortable with the risks associated with buying precious metals before investing.

What are my investment objectives and goals?

Why are you buying silver? Is it to hedge against inflationary risks or perhaps currency depreciation? Are you interested in simple silver bullion or are you looking for more collectable types of silver. Know what types of silver you are interested in and why before buying. This will also

help make the shopping process easier.

Where will I store my silver?

Have a storage plan for your silver. Obviously, small amounts of silver may be stored at home in safes or other secure places. Safety deposit boxes may be used, as well. For larger amounts of silver, one may want to consider third party secure vault storage. Know the pros and cons of each method and have a plan for your silver before buying it.

Should I buy from a local dealer or online?

Buying from a local dealer and buying online may be two very different things. Brick and mortar coin dealers will often have significantly higher dealer premiums associated with their products. Online dealers, such as, often have much lower overhead and move more inventory thus allowing us to offer bullion products for lower prices. To see what others are saying about buying precious metals online from us, you can read some customer reviews of .

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