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The implementation of product placement and the role of advertising in the US TV show "House of cards"-

when did product placement start

Products placement has been around as long as cinema and later TV exists. Advertising a brand became almost a form of art and involves working with the subliminal reception of the targeted audience. This research paper will explain multiple connections between television, cinema and online network production companies and the viewers’ perceptions. Ever since the first placed product in a film and later television show, the main goal was and still is to increase product recognition, positive connection with the brand and in the long run increased sales numbers. With better technology and an almost confusing selection of channels, films and TV shows more elaborated and creatively planned brand product placement strategy needs to be created over time. Regular advertisement during a show is not enough anymore, when the remote allows to switch channels in seconds. A clever, aggressive but still inconspicuous and most importantly, legal attack towards the viewers subconscious opens new possible ways to sell and personalise branded products.

The online film and television platform Netflix not only provides commercial free streaming, like Hulu, iTunes and other internet connected providers but vary

in their availability. With their 2013 political drama series “House of Cards” they not only include all the refinements of todays product placement tricks strategies but also over entire seasons right at once for affordable prices. Time will show if this approach will bear fruits. Since the first season has been available exclusively through Netflix an increasing wave of costumers have been signing up to watch the show and are awarded with Netflix-only shows.

The following content will bring a connection with the up to date product placement views and Netflix's drama series. A short survey in the last chapters will show the differences between age, gender and location of “House of Cards” viewer and the perceived brand products, the personified product characters and what kind of emotional costumer's conception it could call for. This paper is aiming to identify the weight of underlying product placement in therms of its form, length, and intensity of appearance by analyzing the viewers perception. The main research question asks: What are the most common products placed in “House of Cards” and how is their significance defined?

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