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When did vat start in uk

10 ways small business owners can pay less tax

10 ways small businesses can cut the cost of office printing

August 27, 2015

The cost of printing, scanning, and copying can quietly mount up for small businesses. But by making some straightforward adjustments to the way your business approaches printing you can save money, reduce environmental impact and increase staff productivity.

What to do if your company is running out of cash

How to get your business noticed – Self-marketing for start-ups

August 25, 2015

Your business may offer amazing products and a fantastic service. It may have a clear, determined vision of what it is doing and where it is going. But if your potential customers don’t know it exists, your wonderful business is likely to disappear without trace. As Alan Sugar put it: “Your start-up will be a cock-up if you don’t learn marketing

communications” .

So let’s dip into the marketing communications pic ‘n’ mix to see what methods are at your disposal;

7 Mistakes you could be making with your website

August 24, 2015

It’s estimated that almost one in every three small businesses maintain their own website, and with that comes a whole host of potential challenges to overcome.

Alongside the usual cost of building a new website, getting the right designer and managing your hosting prices, there are other factors which many small business owners do not consider when managing or monitoring their website.

In fact, there are a number of common mistakes which SMEs often make, but which are easy enough to overcome.

Here are the seven errors we most often see with websites designed for startups and small businesses.

Staying on top of your company accounts – Book-keeping Dos and Don’ts

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