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Child Support and Social Security Disability

when do child support payments end

I can’t tell you how many times this conversation comes up.  And it comes from both sides.  The person who is getting disability benefits and the person who wants to keep getting Child Support.  It gets a little tricky but there are a few things that is very important for people to realize when someone is responsible for Child Support:

Most people don’t understand that Supplemental Security Income is a NEED BASED program (in other words, a welfare program).  As a result, when you apply, you usually a) don’t have enough quarters of coverage from your own earnings, b) are disabled, and c) are so poor that you need the monetary assistance to survive.   In some instances, SSI may not be able to get disability benefits because this program is need based.

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I am disabled. I also receive child support arrears since Oct. 1998 court ordered to pay $25 per wk. he was over 35,000 behind when they caught up to him. I receive both SSD(590) and SSI (varies from month to month according to the arrears I received.)

He never held a job long enough to have the quarters paid in to be eligible. I’m assuming his would be based on his wife’s earnings. Would he even be eligible to draw SSD when his wife has been supporting him for the last 20+ yrs?

I would like to put this to rest. Also, a yrly statement I get from OSCE stated that if I were to end the arrears, I would be liable to OSCE for nearly $800 in legal fees. You’re reply would be very much appreciated.

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