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How long does a chaps payment take to clear

how long does a chaps payment take to clear

This can vary greatly depending on what kind of Credit Card you use, your location and the location of the institution.

Credit Card clearance is not done by us, it is done by CCNOW (a trusted third party).  This can take anything between minutes and a few working days to process.  We can only begin your application when we are informed by CCNOW that your Credit card transaction has been approved.

Because of the effect of different time-zones, your application may be approved the same day or the next working day.  For the same reason, we may receive your Graduation package for forwarding the next working day or the day after.  To take account of these variations, we like to allow 5 working days from the time you make your purchase online to us receiving your Graduation package for forwarding.

We use as standard, Registered Express Mail which used to deliver anywhere in the world in 5 working days. However, since 9/11 we have been advising applicants to allow at least 10 working days for delivery.  10 working days does not count the day of shipping, weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and Public Holidays.  There is a function on the CCNOW server for you to check the STATUS of your order.  It will not be listed as SHIPPED unless it has been physically placed in the Registered Express Mail system.

We would politely ask all applicants not to email about the STATUS of their order without first checking in the CCNOW server to see if it has been SHIPPED.  In the case that it has been SHIPPED, please allow at least 10 WORKING DAYS from the SHIPPING date before asking for information.

No!  It is fundamental to our Security Guarantee that we ONLY accept payments thru Credit Cards processed thru a THIRD PARTY PROCESSOR and we ONLY ship to the billing address of the Credit Card by Registered Express Mail which must be signed for.  This way, all parties are protected.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT BY ANY OTHER MEANS. This protects you as much as it does us.

Orders specifying a delivery address other than the billing address of the Credit Card are automatically declined by the processor.  If you are unfamiliar with the concept of how a Third Party Processor works, we suggest you

educate yourself prior to ordering by contacting or any other reputable company offering such services.

Bottom line: If we do not deliver what we promise, we do not get paid!

No.  Only RETURNING CLIENTS who have already obtained an instant degree from us in their OWN NAME can order for a third-party, i.e. friends, family etc.  The degree can only be shipped to the billing address of the Credit Card, in this circumstance, the Cardholder and the person named on the degree are each equally bound by the Confidentiality Contract (see for further details) The person named on the Credit Card automatically declares that the person named on the degree has given their permission for the degree to be obtained in their name.

Very secure!

Since we ONLY accept payments thru Credit Cards processed thru a THIRD PARTY PROCESSOR and we ONLY ship to the billing address of the Credit Card by Registered Express Mail which must be signed for.  All parties are protected.

Read our Security Guarantee for further details.  We never see your Credit card details, these are known only to CCNOW thru their secure server option.

No!  (see below)

Why can't you tell me the Names and Addresses of the Colleges and Universities that grant the degrees before I graduate?

As we explain clearly on the site, our service ensures that the confidentiality of the Institutions and the security of YOU the client and your Credit Card payment.  Only those who graduate learn the name of the Institution they graduate from, this is to prevent negative publicity being directed towards the Institution or the graduates. offers further security to the you by not releasing your payment to the Institution UNTIL they have sent to us your qualifications.  We then forward them on to you.

Go direct to BUY a Genuine College Degree NOW! with fast shipping to your door.

No!  First of all, we represent so many different institutions that this would be pointless anyway.  Secondly, to do so would violate our Confidentiality Contract and lay us open to prosecution.  We have strict guidelines on Degree certificate  quality and we only deal with Institutions that conform to ISO Standards.  A general guideline to the type of degree certificate that conforms to academic norms and ISO standards is usually:

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