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Why You Need To Visit SCOAN?

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We just came from our recent trip, where we visited glorious church of the Synagogue Church of All Nations. As some of you already have heard our testimony on Emmanuel TV, our trip was nothing short but a great blessing from the Lord.

There is something about visiting the prophet, that’s different than visiting the pastor, doctor, or even counselor. This truth is illustrated in the story of Saul (1 Samuel 9). Donkeys were lost in Saul’s fathers house. Kish, Saul’s father send Saul to look for them. Saul went with his servant and searched for lost donkeys for a long time, and could not find them. When they became exhausted, weary, tired, hopeless, his servant said, we should visit prophet to help us with finding donkeys. They saw the prophet & Saul received more than what he came for – donkeys were found & Saul destiny was revealed, he was crowned a king. What a difference it makes to go to a prophet after all your resources have been exhausted, you will receive more than what you come for. That’s what happened to Saul when he visited Samuel, and that’s what happened to us when we visited Prophet TB Joshua. People’s needs didn’t die with the Old Testament and prophet’s didn’t die with the Old Testament. There is no problem Jesus cannot solve. Jesus never said good bye.

People from USA usually go to Africa to minister, we took our group to Lagos to be ministered to. It’s true that nations like Africa need gospel & financial support of American Christians, but spiritually most of us can benefit from them more than they can from us. It’s been said that if you visit Israel, Bible becomes a live, but if you visit SCOAN, Jesus will become alive to you. Life of Jesus is clearly seen in the life of humble servant of God, TB Joshua.

It’s very safe to visit church of TB Joshua. The people we met on airplane, in airport, in the city, were friendly, and very welcoming. From the arrival at the airport, we were picked up by SCOAN protocol and taken to Church, and back to airport when we were leaving. TB Joshua is well known and respected in Nigeria. I had people ask me for prayer in airport simply because I came from SCOAN. As a believer, I am made to understand that what makes this world is not my home, this world is not safe, not because of a certain place but because of evil in hearts of people, that evil exists in every culture,

nation and tribe. But we are under God’s eye, everywhere we go, be it in our house, on the road, or in other nation. We are not safe because we are in USA, we are safe because we are under God’s eye.

As you have seen on Emmanuel TV that many people have been able to receive their healing, deliverance by merely watching and releasing their faith by praying with TB Joshua, but there is something you receive when you visit SCOAN that you can’t receive when you are at home watching TV. Here are few things we received that we could not receive by watching Emmanuel TV:

1. Personal touch and prayer by wise man and TB Joshua. We got personally prayed by every wise man and Prophet TB Joshua himself, that alone is big enough reason to go to SCOAN.

2. Our team got specific personal prophecies by Prophet. Some of them fasted for 21 days before they came. They were all shocked at how specific it was, some wept when we met as a group and discussed our personal prophecies.

3. We all received anointing water, something you can only receive at SCOAN. Because we can’t take prophet with us home, even though we wish we could, he gave us anointing water so that the grace on that water will work in our lives.

4. Everyone in the group, individually met with Prophet, where he gave instructions, prayed & even signed our Bibles. That is just worth the whole trip. TB Joshua is a man of people, not rock star. He is accessible to common man. AMAZING

5. The most exciting part is not what happened to us at Lagos, but what happened when we came home. Upon arrival some people immediately saw change in their finances, schooling and family. That’s the sign of real change. It’s not just emotional experience but transformation of life.

Here in USA, we have been spreading the word about this ministry and people have expressed a desire to go to Lagos. WE HAVE A GOOD NEWS.

Man of God gave us the grace to start an office in USA and to bring groups to Lagos. Something we are working on right now. Info will be on our website once these things are set. So, if you want to visit Lagos, we would love for you to come with us next time. When that next time will be, it will be on our website.

Better is not good enough, the best is yet to come!

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