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Receiving Benefit Payments by Direct Deposit

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Direct deposit is a free service that allows us to deposit unemployment benefit payments directly into your personal checking or savings account at any U.S. bank or credit union. We cannot deposit payments in a bank outside of the United States.

If you do not select direct deposit, we will pay your benefits through a TWC debit card issued by our debit card vendor.

Requesting Direct Deposit

When to Sign Up for Direct Deposit

  • Request direct deposit the next business day after you apply for unemployment benefits.  Do not wait for us to determine whether you are eligible for benefits.
  • If you are being paid by debit card, you may change to direct deposit at any time by following the instructions below.

How to Sign Up for Direct Deposit

Before you sign up for direct deposit, you must have a Tele-Serv Personal Identification Number (PIN ) .

Sign up for direct deposit or change your payment option online or by phone:

  • Online at Unemployment Benefits Services ( ).
Select Payment Option from the Quick Links menu.
  • With our automated phone system, Tele-Serv. Call 800-558-8321 and select option 5.
  • TWC staff cannot set up your direct deposit because we do not have access to your confidential bank numbers.

    You can change your payment option or bank account information as needed. The nine-day verification process described below begins again.

    Entering Bank or Credit Union Information

    Regardless of how or when you request direct deposit, you will need to enter the nine-digit routing number of your U.S. bank or credit union and your checking

    or savings account number.

    • Use a personal check, not a deposit slip, to get the routing and account numbers from the bottom of the check, as shown in the image.

    If you signed up for direct deposit on a prior claim, we will use the account information you previously provided. To change your account information, follow the instructions provided above.

    To Avoid Getting a Payment by Check

    TWC sends your direct deposit account information to your bank or credit union, which has nine banking days to verify your account. If you submit an eligible payment request before direct deposit is set up, TWC will mail you a check. Therefore, you should confirm your address by logging on to Unemployment Benefits Services and selecting Contact Information under the My Profile menu.

    If you do not already have a TWC debit card:

    1. Sign up for direct deposit the next business day after you apply for unemployment benefits.
    2. We can then verify your account information before you are scheduled to start requesting payment.

    If you already have a debit card:

    1. Submit your payment request before signing up for direct deposit.
    2. The next business day, confirm that the debit card vendor has deposited your payment.
    3. Sign up for direct deposit. We can then verify your account information before you are scheduled to submit your next payment request.

    Bank Verification

    We give your bank or credit union nine business days to verify direct deposit information before we can deposit benefits directly into your account. If you request payment during the nine-day verification period, we will pay you by check.

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