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When is ps3 controller fully charged

when is ps3 controller fully charged

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By ChrizK on 7 April 2011

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Actually, although my order detail directs me to the product detail of this item, it is not the one I bought. Mine does not have the blue glowing strip, only two LEDS. I assume it has been updated since I bought it in February.

Anyway, mine works perfectly with my DualShock 3 controllers. Not sure why there are so many negative reviews.

It is fairly 'fiddly' to insert the controllers, but I specifically wanted something small and unobtrusive.

***The only thing I am disappointed with, is that I am sure this is the same product as the one that is 'not mains powered' (new version as well as old). Mine came with a seperate Alcatel mains adapter, and I have

found that it works with my Blackberry adapter. and all the others that I have collected with mobile devices. Ultimately it is only a small saving, but it may save you having yet another power adapter in a drawer.

My assumption is that it will work with any mains adapter, which I believe to be a 5-pin USB Mini-B (ie the same shape as that fits into the controller. It would be useful for another reviewer to confirm this for the new version, although I see no reason for it to be different.

NOTE - From what I have read, the reason that the controllers will not charge direct from the power adapter, is something to do with the initial power presented to the device. This charger resolves this problem.

Thank you for your feedback. If this review is inappropriate, please let us know.

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