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When is vat chargeable

when is vat chargeable

EU VAT Summer School – August 2015

There is an increasing demand for higher-level EU VAT training courses. VAT Forum already offers some high-level training courses and workshop weeks, but given the apparent demand for a concise, high-level course dealing with the EU VAT Directive and ECJ cases, we have decided to add another type of course to the series of trainings and workshops organised.

The new course is called the ‘EU VAT Summer School’.

Scope of the Summer School

During the Summer School, the subjects of the EU VAT Directive which will be dealt with over four days are the following:

  • Taxable persons (articles 9 to 13 and article 43)
  • Taxable transactions (articles 14 to 30)
  • Place of supply of the different taxable transactions (articles 31 to 61)
  • Chargeable event and chargeability of VAT (articles 62 to 71)
  • Taxable amount (articles 72 to 92)
  • Exemptions for intra-Community transactions (articles 138 to 142)
  • Right of deduction (articles 167, 167a, 168, 178 to 183)
  • Liability to pay VAT (articles 193 to 205)
  • Invoicing and storage (articles 217 to 237, and 244 to 249)

Where we deal with the articles of the EU VAT Directive, we will also discuss the articles of the

Regulation at the same time.

For two more days after that, ECJ court cases related to the subject dealt with during the previous four days will be discussed. The outcome of the cases will be analysed and their practical impact will be discussed. The outcome of ECJ court cases is often disregarded, not used, or used inappropriately.

The aim is for the participants to be independently able to interpret the conclusion of a decision by the European Court correctly.

Target group

VAT managers at internationally operating businesses and VAT consultants.

All participants should be familiar with the structure of the EU VAT Directive and have experience in the field of VAT.

Upon registration, participants should describe their level of experience in (EU) VAT.

Practical issues

Language: classes are held in English

Group size: the maximum number of participants is 24

Venue: Barcelona

When: Monday 24 until Saturday 29 August 2015, meaning 6 full days totalling 36 hours of intensive training.

More information with regard to registration and participation options can be found on:

If you have any questions or requests, do not hesitate at all to contact us on +32 2 272 44 39 and ask for Vicky or Isabelle, or send an e-mail to or

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