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Payment methods

The Apple Online Store accepts a variety payment methods.

Click on a payment method below to find out more.

Credit Card or Debit Card

Credit and debit cards are processed immediately and are Apple's preferred payment methods for fast delivery. Learn more about paying by credit or debit cards

When Apple charges your account

When you place an order, Apple will contact your credit or debit card's issuing bank to confirm it is a valid account. Apple requests an authorisation, which holds the funds for the full or partial purchase amount. As Apple prepares your items, authorised funds will be unavailable and may display as “pending" on your credit or debit card's online statement, your card will then be charged after the order has dispatched.

If you cancel your order before your items are billed, any authorisations placed on your credit card account can take up to 30 days to expire and any authorisations placed on your debit card account can take up to 10 days to expire. Contact your financial institution for their specific timeframes.

Apple Store Gift Cards

You can redeem an Apple Store Gift Card at the online Apple Store, by calling 1800 92 38 98. With the exception of gift cards, certificates, and iTunes downloads and/or subscriptions, you can purchase just about anything sold by Apple, including products from both Apple and third-party makers.

You can use up to eight Apple Store Gift Cards at the Apple Online Store or if placing an order over the phone at 1800 92 38 98. You can combine your Apple Store Gift Card(s) with one credit/debit card to pay for your purchase.

Simply enter or provide the PIN. The PIN can be found on the email below the image of the card. Please keep the card in your possession until the order has been processed and delivered.

If you would like to proceed with an order and pay by bank transfer, please call the below number 1800 923 898.

NOTE: Apple Store Gift Cards can only be redeemed in the country of purchase.

The Apple Store Gift Card is subject to applicable terms and conditions. For more information about how to redeem your Apple Store Gift Cards, visit How to Redeem Apple Store Gift Cards. To purchase an Apple Store Gift Card, click here.

Wire Transfer

If you would like to proceed with an order and pay by bank transfer, please call the below number 1800 923 898.

Before Apple can build your order, we must receive payment and clear the funds through your bank. Learn more about paying by wire transfer

VAT and Invoicing

Where do I enter my VAT registration number?

If you are buying for a business and have a registered account on the Apple Store for Business, you may enter your VAT registration number when you choose your payment method and when you verify your order during the check-out process. The VAT registration number will be printed on your invoice. If you do not have an account, click here to register or call 1800 92 38 98.

What VAT rate will I be charged?

Your Apple Store purchases will be taxed using the applicable VAT tax rate for your country. No intra-community purchases can be made on the Apple Store.

From 4 January 2011, the standard VAT rate for the UK will increase to 20 per cent.

Orders placed in the UK after 3rd January 2011 will be subject to a VAT rate of 20 per cent.

Orders placed before 4 January 2011 may be subject to one

of the following conditions:

  • If your Order Confirmation email is sent to you and your order shipped before 4 January 2011, your order will not be subject to the VAT increase and VAT will be charged at 17.5 per cent. The 17.5 per cent VAT rate will be shown on your invoice.
  • If your Order Confirmation email is sent to you before 4 January 2011 but your order is shipped on or after this date, you will receive an invoice showing a VAT rate of 20 per cent. Don't worry, the order total has not been amended. The price shown in your order confirmation will be the amount charged. We will apply an additional discount to your order so the total amount of your order will be equal to the total amount stated in your Order Confirmation.
  • If your Order Confirmation email is sent to you after 03 January 2011, your order will be subject to the VAT increase and VAT will be charged at 20 per cent. While Apple makes every effort to confirm orders as quickly as possible, some orders are subject to reviews for your own security and confirmation can be delayed.
  • VAT refunds on exports

    Apple are not permitted to refund any VAT charged on Ireland purchases due to local legislation restrictions. The Apple Store (Ireland) is not a part of the Retail Export Scheme, as this scheme does not apply to Internet Sales.

    My invoice has not been shipped with my order?

    Within 2-3 working days of your order being shipped, you should receive an official Apple invoice by e-mail.

    If you do not receive this invoice, or if you require an additional copy for your records, you will be able to print your invoice on our Self Service website .

    Why have I received two invoices?

    Please be advised if your order consists of multiple line items and includes a one to one membership, the one to one membership will be invoiced separately.


    How long does it take to process my refund?

    Depending on your payment method, it can take up to 7 working days for the refund to appear in your account once it has been processed by Apple.

    Debit cards are charged when the order is placed. For any order cancellations prior to shipping, you will automatically be refunded to your account within 5-7 business days. If your order has already shipped and you wish to return it to obtain a refund, please click here for further information .


    Is my personal information safe?

    The security of Apple Store servers is closely monitored to prevent any unauthorised disclosure or use of credit card numbers and to protect the confidentiality of your personal information.

    There is no need to log out of your account. As a security measure, you are required to log in for every purchase or change to your account and you will be automatically logged out after inactivity for 30 minutes.

    Promotions, Rebates,

    and Coupons

    Visit the Product Promotions homepage for a list of limited-time offers. You can also view the Product Promotions FAQ to learn more about how to qualify, request an Apple rebate, and any Terms and Conditions for each promotion.

    Promotional pricing is usually applied either at the time of your online purchase, or as a rebate after you receive your product.

    Once you have submitted the requested proof of purchase documents for your rebate, you can check your rebate status online. You’ll need some combination of the following pieces of information:

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