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When to use convertible car seat

when to use convertible car seat

Adjuster Strap Frayed

Cons:  poor design strap frayed

Model Number:  CC061-MIL

" I have had this seat for 1 year. I'm having an issue with the harness adjuster strap (strap used to tighten the harness). The strap has frayed on one side. The harness doesn't release far enough to get my child in/out easily, which makes it extremely difficult to put a wriggling toddler in the seat. I have the CC061 model manufactured on 9/16/2011. There was a recall for earlier years for the strap loosening up on its own. I don't know if they fixed it and went too tight on the strap. Waiting to hear back from Dorel. They told me with my model, the adjuster strap is not replaceable, meaning they would have to send me a new seat. See what happens!


rear-facing seat

Great Car Seat

Model Number:  22456-MIL

" My son is getting to big for his infant car seat. For his birthday, my Grandma bought him this car seat. I read every where that it's hard to install. So i figured it would be.

I got it last week (06-24) and i looked at it, and just figured the seat belt or latch goes there. It'll be reclined while he's in the rear position.

So I took a look at the instructions. (any SMART person would), and sure enough I was right. The instructions also held more valuable information.

It took me ten minutes to install and I DID check it twice for my sons safety!

My advice to you is read the instructions. This is a really great car seat! "

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