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Questions and answers - Digital Single Market Strategy

when was vat introduced

Brussels, 06 May 2015

Who will benefit from a Digital Single Market?

See also press release: A Digital Single Market for Europe: Commission sets out 16 initiatives to make it happen (IP/15/4919 )

- Clearer rules to sell cross-border and scale-up businesses in a market of more than 500 million consumers

- Less costs to grow cross-border: no need to adapt to each country’s consumer law and a VAT system better adapted to small e-commerce businesses

- More opportunities with greater access to content, goods and services from other EU countries

- Lower parcel delivery prices

- A level-playing field for competing actors on the market: every company, small or big, plays by the rules

- Standards and greater interoperability to develop products and services faster, reduce risks and costs

- Fewer burdens dealing with public administration - efficient e-services to save time and money; more market access through public e-procurement and e-signatures

- Better access to finance and simplified company law

- New audiences and business opportunities across Europe

- An environment nurturing cultural diversity, creativity and exchanges

- Better enforcement of rights and actions to combat piracy

- Increased legal access to content for users, meaning more benefits for authors and potentially less piracy

- Media rules adapted to the digital age and ensuring the promotion of European works notably in online video on demand platforms

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