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Do coin values and past trends predict where the price of your coin is headed?

It didn’t take much to get me hooked on studying U.S. coin values as a youngster. When I was an 8-year old, I naturally idolized my older brother. He and his buddies spent countless hours with their Lincoln Cent coin albums. That was all it took to ignite my passion for U.S. coins. As I grew older, I also became fascinated with their place in history.

This early love of coins led to my singular mission: to record and analyze price trends to determine if coin values from the past foretell future performance…

My Childhood Lincoln Cent Album

Like so many from my generation, I got started collecting coins with the Lincoln Cent. This was my first album, which I started filling as an 8 year old. I never did find a 1909-S VDB from circulation or piggy banks, but it was fun looking! I've come a long way since then.

Now I can share with you the information I’ve gathered over the past 40-plus years that has made coin collecting a thrilling and fulfilling pursuit for me.

I’m pretty much just like many of you – I've always wanted to know what a coin is worth and, more importantly, why. At the same time, I've maintained a natural curiosity in how strongly it might rise in value in the years ahead.

I've discovered that long term price trends of a coin ARE INDEED a fairly reliable indicator of where its value could be headed in the future.

For a very long time, I've been gathering lots of data supporting this observation. I created a series of Coin Value Tables (see a sample table below) to report my findings.

The tables have been painstakingly researched and compiled by me. They make it easy for you to find out the past and current values of your coins AND…

…yield clues as to which coins are most likely heading a lot higher in price


…you won’t find these tables anywhere else.

If selecting coins with a good chance of increasing nicely in price is your goal, you'll find the tables to be an indispensable tool. You may access the tables by selecting the U.S. Coin Values (historic) link in the Nav Bar to the left. You can also get there by clicking HERE .

Coins are so steeped in U.S. history that I’ve included for you some historical

context for each coin. This helps explain the origin and differences between coins. Because of my love affair with U.S. coins and history, I've done my best throughout this site to interject historical connotations while analyzing coin values and other subjects related to numismatics.

What's more, I include a brief snippet of information at the beginning of some pages called:

1796 Quarter

A longtime favorite of coin collectors, the 1796 quarter has posted solid value growth for many decades. The coin has performed very well recently, increasing by an average of more than 10.00% annually since the year 2000. Photo courtesy of Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles Inc. Beverly Hills, CA.

I guess I have never lost the respect and adulation of certain coins I developed as a kid trying to be like my older brother. I have spent many years preparing the tables, charts, data and recommendations you will find on this site because I believe you should have access to the best and most complete coin value information possible all in one place.

Are you looking for a life-long hobby you can master? Have you inherited a coin collection and need to know what it is worth? Are you a collector pursuing an elusive coin? If so, you're bound to unearth useful information somewhere on this site.

A coin that has long enthralled me is the 1796 Draped Bust Quarter. A beautiful example of this incredible rarity is pictured to the right. You see, I have a keen interest in very early United States coinage. I get goose bumps owning coins that once upon a time might have been held by one of our Founding Fathers.

Although I may never be able to afford a 1796 Draped Bust Quarter (the one in the picture is now worth over $100,000 -- but it's a real screamer!), I have found the pursuit of that coin (or at least its not-quite-as-valuable cousin) a thrilling chase. Maybe someday my dream will come true.

Coin values are constantly changing. With this site, I pledge:

  • to give you the knowledge you need to select coins that have a really good chance of appreciating sharply in value, and
  • to give you the confidence to estimate the value of coins you already own.

Thank you for your readership and enjoy!

A Coin Value Table Sample:

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