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Where are visa debit cards accepted

where are visa debit cards accepted

Alternatives VISA Debit Card

Alternatives VISA Debit Card

Alternatives VISA Debit Card works like a plastic check, and is accepted wherever VISA is recognized. All purchases or cash withdrawals at ATMs are deducted directly from your checking account. Transactions appear on your regular Alternatives monthly statement with your other checking transactions.

The Alternatives VISA Debit Card is ideal if you wish to establish credit or improve your credit rating with Alternatives (requires Line of Credit - see below). If used responsibly, it can help you qualify down the road for a other Credit Union loans or Alternatives' Credit Card. The Alternatives Debit Card is also for people who just don't like credit cards but would like the convenience of a VISA card. The Alternatives VISA Debit Card has no annual fee.

A lternatives VISA Debit Card with Line of Credit

A combination debit and credit card, the Alternatives Visa Debit Card with Line of Credit gives you the best of both worlds: access to your Alternatives checking account, and a Line of Credit when you're short of funds. Transactions are first deducted from your checking account, then from your Line of Credit if there are no funds available in checking. You might think of it as an extra cushion for emergencies. Once the credit line is activated, you have a loan balance, interest begins to accrue and monthly payments are expected.

When will

the ATM capture your card?

Should you have any difficulty when using your Alternatives VISA Card, please contact us with as much information about your transaction as possible so we can research the problem. Your card may be captured by the ATM if you make several attempts with an invalid PIN or if you have reported your card lost or stolen. It will also retain your card if you forget to remove your card from the machine or if the machine is malfunctioning. If your card is captured by the machine there is no way to retrieve it. Your card will eventually be returned, already destroyed, to the Credit Union. You will need to contact the Credit Union to have a new card issued. The fee is $10.00.

Transactions on your statement

For Credit Union purposes an ATM cash advance is a cash withdrawal from your checking account. It will appear on your statement in your checking suffix and will indicate the ATM location and amount of the transaction. Maximum cash withdrawal at ATMs: $600 per day.

Lost or stolen card?

If you should lose or forget your Alternatives VISA Debit Card PIN, contact the Credit Union, (607)273-4611, ext. 730.

If your Alternatives VISA Debit Card is lost or stolen you should call the Credit Union during business hours. Other hours, call VISA direct, ( 800)472-3272. or from outside the US, call collect: ( 614)564-5101.

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