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Where can i buy coffee pods

where can i buy coffee pods

The Golden Snowball Award is a contest between 5 cities in CNY - Upstate New York. The contest is based on which city receives the most snowfall for the snow season. The cities that compete are Albany, Buffalo, Binghamton, Rochester and last years Champion, Syracuse." A trophy is awarded to the winning city every year.

Can I Fix My Keurig Coffee Maker or Buy A New K Cup Brewer

I’ve been having trouble with

my Keurig coffee maker for about a month now and was deciding whether to try and fix it or buy a new Keurig single cup brewer. One of the problems was that the de-scaling light was flashing which I came to find out that it meant it needed to be cleaned which was easy but do it after your done with your coffee for the day because it takes about 4 1/2 hours to clean it

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