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Where can i buy gevalia coffee

where can i buy gevalia coffee

Where Can I Buy McDonald’s Coffee to Make at Home?

Answer. Hi Duane,

Thanks for the question – it comes up from time to time.  Last November, somebody asked something similar:

McDonald’s sells a coffee that they’ve blended to recipe.  That blend is proprietary information, so it will be difficult to make the exact same coffee at home that they sell, but that coffee is out there and accessible to you.  To find out where McDonald’s coffee comes from, I went straight to their website.  It shares some information.  Their Premium Roast Coffee is advertised as “a blend of Arabica beans grown in Brazil and the mountains of Colombia, Guatemala and Costa Rica,” brewed no more than 30 minutes before you buy it.

So, what’s the best way to replicate the coffee blend that McDonald’s sources from four different countries?

     All four of those countries are Latin American, and many roasters offer blends made up of coffees sourced from this part of the world.  Go to Peet’s

Coffee & Tea  website, and check out their House Blend and Blend 101 .  Both blends are well-balanced in flavors from Latin American countries.  It may not be a perfect match to McDonald’s, but there’s a good chance you will like them.  In my opinion, it will be better, and I think you’ll be happy with either one.  Since McDonald’s does not sell their coffee in bulk, but you clearly like what they’ve blended from Latin American countries, the two blends above should also be to your liking.

Alternatively and wherever you currently buy quality coffee, keep an eye open for blends advertised as Latin American.  It may not be as fresh as what Peet’s sells, but give it a shot.  The origin of a coffee (and the roasting) defines its flavor characteristics, but freshness is so important to coffee that what you buy from a l0cal roaster or what you buy from Peet’s will have a noticeable difference over what you buy from Costco or from a grocery store.

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