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Funny: The Daily Show And The Colbert Report

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Stephen: Jon, your rally is supposed to be all about sanity. And that was completely insane.

  • October 30, 2010: The Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear. All of it.
    • Cat Steven 's Peace Train vs. Ozzy Osbourne 's Crazy Train. The winner: Love Train.
    • Stephen Colbert emerges from the stage like a Chilean miner.
      • Dressed as Evel Knievel. to boot.
    • The Mythbusters appear to perform experiments with the audience on The Wave and jumping-based earthquakes. Particularly when Adam declares Jamie to be "like Chuck Norris ."
    • The Stephen Colbert puppet and John Oliver dressed like Peter Pan.
      • "The puppet should melt too!"
    • Stephen panics about "corbamite" in his drinking water.

    Stephen: Quick! Is there an antidote.

    Jon: Yes. It's the knowledge that. that there is no such thing as corbamite. I made it up. Well, actually, I stole it from an old episode of Star Trek: The Original Series . [cue mutual Trekkie geek-out ]

  • In the Christmas Episode. Elvis Costello watching the gruesome deaths of the Jonas Brothers. Also Elvis Costello's Take That aimed at David Bowie near

    the end of the special.

    • Jon Stewart trying to explain Hanukkah to Stephen gives us this:

    Jon: I have candles.

    Stephen: (engrossed) What're those.

    Jon: (beyond irritated) THEY'RE CANDLES.

    Stephen. And I hope I am never again this happy over someone's death. And I'm sure - I know that if I saw myself in the mirror, I would be appalled by the look on my face. (pulls out a hand mirror) Nope, I like this!

    Stewart. That is some pure, uncut sitcom bait. (announcer voice) He can raise the dead, but Heaven help him when he forgets to put down the toilet seat. Yes, Kevin James is Jesus in The King of Kings .

    Colbert :You know things are gonna change, when I go to confess my sins, you know he's gonna tell her, you can't have secrets in a marriage. She's gonna offer her two cents. "You're really gonna forgive him for that? Normal people don't do that with Glade plug-ins." Oh, and listen up, he can forget that beard and the robe. From now on it is clean shaven and a polo shirt. And when he comes again in glory it's gonna be in a minivan.

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