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Where is my unemployment payment

where is my unemployment payment

I was fired from my job on 8/13/12. I was given a reason of insubordination with no details or examples. I had never been written up or given any type of negative reprimand prior to walking into work that day and being immediately fired.

I filed for MD unemployment the same day, completed the phone interview on 8/28/12. I have received no payment as of yet. I called yesterday and they said they heard back from one employer but still waiting for a response from the employer that fired me. I was laid off my prior job due to downsizing.

What happens if they never hear back from the employer that fired me? When can I expect to be paid?

Did anyone even discuss the issue with you. Its important to be honest here. We are

all on your side and we are here to help you get your benefits.

If the 'insubordination' occured and nobody even asked you what your opinion of the incident was, then it shows bias from the employers view. An objective employer would ask for the employee to explain what happened.

If your insubordination wasnt even explained, I find it hard to believe they can deny you benefits.

Even if they prove this 'insubordination, there is case law that states isolated outburst does not constitute misconduct to the level to deny unemployment.

There would have to be a proven track record of insubordination and warnings etc.

Sounds to me like you have a great case. Let us know if they accept you. If they deny you, tell us so we can help your appeal.

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