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Where is sort code on debit card

where is sort code on debit card

09 Where is the U.S. headed if more than 100 million people get welfare?

By CNN’s Jack Cafferty

More than 100 million people in the United States of America get welfare from the federal government. 100 million.

According to the Weekly Standard, Senate Republicans say that the federal government administers nearly “80 different overlapping federal means-tested welfare programs.”

This figure of 100 million people does not include those who only receive Social Security or Medicare.

The most popular welfare programs are food stamps and Medicaid, with the number of recipients in both these programs skyrocketing in the last decade. Food stamp recipients alone jumped from 17 million in 2000 to 45 million in 2011.

And these 100 million people on welfare include citizens and non-citizens.

In fact, a new report by the Center for Immigration Studies finds that 36% of immigrant-headed households get at least one form of welfare. That’s compared

to 23% of native-born American households.

Immigrants from some countries rely on welfare more than others: more than half of those coming from Mexico, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic get welfare.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney is accusing President Obama of loosening welfare requirements.

A new ad charges the president with gutting the 1996 welfare reform law that requires recipients to work in order to collect benefits.

But President Obama’s campaign, the White House and former President Clinton — who signed welfare reform into law — are all pushing back against the Romney ad calling it false and misleading.

Here’s my question to you: Where is the U.S. headed if more than 100 million people get welfare?

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