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Where is the card number on a debit card

where is the card number on a debit card

Welcome To PayPal Sucks

Welcome to the world's largest eBay and PayPal consumer gripe site network! Have you been burned by PayPal or eBay? Join the club! No, we are not here to just sit around and complain. You see, individually, your voice gets easily lost in the crowd, or just ignored. But, together, WE CAN MAKE A HUGE NOISE. Join our fight to expose the truth about PayPal and Ebay to the world. Unite with us as we build the largest united front against this evil empire. We WILL FORCE PAYPAL AND EBAY TO HEAR US. By joining us, you are making our voice that much louder. However, We need your help. Follow the important steps below to make OUR VOICE LOUDER.

STEP 1. SUBMIT YOUR COMPLAINT and have it posted for all to see in the PayPal Complaint box, right on the homepage.

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STEP 3. If you need assistance solving your PayPal or eBay NightMare, visit our New Forums . where you will find plenty of people who got just as screwed, if not worse.

STEP 4. If you are a seller looking for a better, more secure and over-all less expensive method of accepting payment for your products and services, both on and off ebay, we invite you to check out THIS PAYPAL ALTERNATIVE .

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STEP 6. Sign up for our MONTHLY NEWSLETTER and we will give you a 100% free ebook that will show you everything you didnt realize about eBay and PayPal, including ways to avoid having your paypal account limited, getting paypal to release your funds, Getting back on eBay and much more!

Recent PayPal Complaints

Paypal account AND Paypal credit charged for same purchase.

I made a purchase ($377.11) about a month ago and my paypal account was charged. The next day my paypal mastercard was charged for the same amount. When talking to paypal, they refer you to their mastercard section and then … Continue reading →

Posted on 25 August 2015 | 3:53 pm

Does Paypal block account only to get credit card information

This is my story. A while ago I received an e-mail from PayPal stating that my account is blocked. The initial reason for that was stated as one of the following reasons: - You provided information that we believe was … Continue reading →

Posted on 19

August 2015 | 3:43 pm

How I lost my Money with PayPal

Hi, I am writing because I am so angry with how badly paypal deal with their customers and how they refuse to help anyone. I run an online business, teaching people and selling products. I launched a product last month, … Continue reading →

Posted on 22 July 2015 | 12:03 pm

Per PayPal accounts get hacked all the time

PayPal truly lacks good security for your personnel information. My PayPal was hacked, the people who hacked my account were able to change my name, language to Chinese and we’re able to transfer 1k out of my personnel checking account. … Continue reading →

Posted on 7 July 2015 | 4:11 pm

PayPal account drained and PayPal tried to blame me

Ok I dont use paypal much but never had a problem until last week. My son wanted something from Minecraft and I paid for it using paypal. three days later my acct. was drained. Spoke to paypal who investigated after … Continue reading →

Posted on 22 June 2015 | 3:24 pm

Lying Buyer gets her way while Honest Seller gets screwed by both eBay and PayPal

We Sell Mostly Fine Jewelry on eBay. These are clearance items from our store. This carries a lot of risk and I trusted eBay I Did my best to be an honest seller and always be as descriptive as possible. … Continue reading →

Posted on 10 June 2015 | 3:02 pm

Account limited after 15 years of selling

Here’s one I’m sure you have all heard before. Been with eBay since US inception, been with PayPal since it’s inception. Retired from professional selling some 10 years ago but kept accounts with eBay & accounts (multiple) with Paypal. Mostly … Continue reading →

Posted on 27 May 2015 | 12:09 pm

PayPal credit is not something I would recommend

For the past 3 months, each month, I have had to call Pay Pal Credit on my account. I originally tried to set up auto debit monthly payments. Since my first attempt to set up these payments, I have had … Continue reading →

Posted on 19 May 2015 | 4:18 pm

800 eBay gift card balance disappeared

I bought 800 ebay gift card and trying to buy a computer on ebay. And I put the shipping address wrong and had to cancel the order. Then these 800 just gone. Paypal said they had refunded them back to … Continue reading →

Posted on 15 May 2015 | 2:22 pm

Posted on 12 May 2015 | 12:41 pm

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